Wednesday, March 18, 2020

More Activity Ideas and Great Literacy Resources

Following up on my last two posts, here are some great resources to help you plan Activity Time, Story Time, Quiet Time, and playing school. A huge thank you to Hattie, an ACPS preschool teacher and preschool mom, for sharing these ideas with me. I'm especially excited about KidLit Radio and Mo Willems Lunch Doodle!

If you've found resources that you think others would appreciate, include them in the comments section below.

Mo Willems Lunch Doodle every day at 1 pm on the Kennedy Center website.

PBS KIDS is sending a daily email with activity ideas. A bit screen time heavy, but the activities are appropriate for preschoolers.

BoredToddler has daily activity plans with things found around the house.

KidLit RADIO is one of the best book podcasts I’ve found.  The stories are told in an engaging way and are sometimes familiar.

Authors reading their books on Instagram:
Mac Barnett
Oliver Jeffers


  1. Scholastic is also posting daily learn from home resources. It is currently passworded, but if you have a child in ACPS, you may have a password to bookflix already (Barrett does, and I assume George Mason and others do as well). I hate that it’s more screen timey, but it’s pretty well done, engaging, and if you have to be on a conference call, it may keep kids entertained (I wish I’d done that for a zoom staff meeting today!).

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