Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Build a Fort

Activity: Build a Fort
  • Another rainy day?
  • Build a fort inside!
  • Sacrifice a corner of your family room for hours of guaranteed fun. Children love to play in forts!
  • Couch cushions
  • Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Stuffed animals
  • Flashlights
  • Books and small toys
Questions and Prompts
  • The wall keeps falling down. I wonder why. How can we keep the walls standing up?
  • Do you want a door? Or a window? How can we build one?
  • Do you think I can stand up in your fort? Why or why not? Could we build it tall enough for me? Why or why not?
  • 20-30 minutes to build
  • Hours to play
Skills Learned and Practiced
  • Social-Emotional - teamwork, independence (taking ownership of the space)
  • Language - pre-reading and writing (if you make signs for the fort!)
  • Cognitive - planning, organizing, problem solving, engineering, imagining
  • Physical - heavy work
Personal Note
My son always wanted to sleep in the forts that he and I built. He would take hours long naps and would sleep well beyond his normal morning wake-up time, even when I was working nearby in the kitchen. There's something about the small spaces - I think children love that it's their special space.

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