Friday, January 5, 2018

A BIG Pile of Leaves

Just a few days after the first snowfall of the year, and one day after the coldest, we were ready for our "special" fire drill. This was a fire drill we were having with the fire department so they could test their response time. 

The teachers were ready. The kids were ready. We were all ready to be cold. Really cold. It was about 30 degrees outside, no sun, and little windy. We'd bundled up ahead of time: coats, hats, mittens. The alarm went off; we walked outside. Standing around, waiting to hear when we could go back in, teachers and children talked and laughed as a way to pass the time. 

Then, a teacher spotted it, behind the back parking lot, behind the trees, near the rabbi's house. A leaf pile. A giant leaf pile. The biggest leaf pile we'd ever seen! You know what happened next. 

Two teachers lost cell phones, and four children lost shoes, but, miraculously, all were found. The only thing that would have made the experience more perfect was hot chocolate afterwards. 

Next time.

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