Friday, May 8, 2020

Staying Busy with Stuff You Have at Home

Literacy: Name Game
  • On index cards, write each letter of your child's name
  • Mix the cards up and have your child put them in order
  • Once they've mastered their first name, play with their last name, their middle name, and family members' names
Numeracy: Egg Carton Counting
  • Write the numbers 1-12 in the spaces in an empty egg carton
  • Give your child raisins, cheerios, or other small items
  • Have them fill the spaces with the correct number of items
Problem Solving: What Will Grow?
  • Talk with your children about how plants grow
  • See what they know and fill in the gaps in their understanding
  • Conduct an experiment to deepen their understanding
  • Fill cups with dirt
  • Plant orange and apple seeds, unpeeled garlic cloves, chunks of potatoes, beans, etc.
  • Also plant dried fruit, cereal, egg shells, cheese, etc.
  • Make predictions and see what happens! 
Motor: Hot Lava Game
  • Spread pillows or small towels around the floor
  • Have your child jump from pillow to pillow (or towel to towel)
  • Don't fall in the hot lava!
Arts and Crafts: Painting Without a Paintbrush
  • Paint (or print) with toothpicks, cotton balls, Q-tips, cut-up sponges, plastic spoons or forks, bubble wrap, yarn, magnetic letters, etc.
Music: Make a Shaker
  • Decorate an empty water bottle and fill it with beans, popcorn kernels, buttons, pony beads, etc.
  • Cut a paper plate in half and staple the edges together, decorate, and fill with same as above
Drama: Clean Out Your Closet AND Create a Dress-Up Corner
  • Your child will LOVE dressing up in your old skirts, scarves, dress shirts, jackets, ties, costume jewelry, hair accessories, and shoes and playing with your old briefcases, wallets, purses, keys, and cell phones
Social-Emotional: Plan a Party
  • Involve your child in planning a ZOOM party
  • Who to invite?
  • When to meet?
  • Where to meet? (everyone's backyard or kitchen, a nearby park?)
  • What to eat? (everyone makes a fruit salad? or pizza?)
  • What to sing/play/or talk about? What's the theme?
With thanks to The Preschooler's Busy Book by Trish Kuffner for the inspiration

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