Friday, April 28, 2017

Shabbat Around the Table -- My Favorite Resources

This week's parshaTazria-Metsora, is about leprosy and ritual purity. Try as I might, for the first time I'm struggling with a way to bring these lessons down to a relatable level for young children.

So I'm going to recommend some of my favorite Shabbat resources instead:

The Shabbat Book, A Weekly Guide for the Whole Family contains adorable claymation pictures along with short summaries of each weekly parsha plus a lesson or thought to accompany each one. This book was my inspiration for "Shabbat Around the Table."

The Children's Illustrated Jewish Bible breaks down the most familiar Bible stories for children and includes extra information and explanations in the margins, often with realistic photographs of modern day people and places, which I think is a nice way to bring the stories of the Torah to life.

Walking the Bible, An Illustrated Journey for Kids describes the Land of Israel vividly, and helps children connect the Torah stories they read to actual places you can still visit and explore today.

Finally, The How to Handbook for Jewish Living is a great resource for any parent looking to bring more ritual and understanding to their home.

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